‘is that for here or to go?’

She went through all the motions at the coffee shop: Crack a smile, froth the milk, rinse and repeat. And with each order she’d press on the cash register, she pressed her own buttons inside. Behind the question she’d ask each customer – “is that for here or to go?” – there was the unresolved question:

Am I to stay here or am I to go?

After work, she went to seek counsel near the ocean. And with each ocean wave, she’d press her toes into the evening’s cold sand. Behind each boat that passed her by, there was the unresolved question:

Am I to set sail or remain at dock?



30 thoughts on “‘is that for here or to go?’

      1. That explains it. Probably I didnt see an option to follow. It is a goood decision. You have a wider community at hand in WordPress I believe. Though I have very few friends etc through the blogosphere because I have dedicated so much of my time in Insta, I am so glad you are here. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Rebecca! Wow, thank you so much for your kind words. Right now, it’s just as a hobby but I hope to become inspired enough to turn it into a vocation. Perhaps one day. Do you write about wildlife? About to explore your blog right now.

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